Resetting the oil service light on a 2006 BMW 320i

The oil service warning light on the BMW was still on after the last oil service, so I looked around for how to reset it. Lots of advice on the internet, but mainly involving special tools (aka paperclips) and dodgy shorting-out of pins in the diagnostic port.

There’s also talk of holding down the trip reset button whilst turning the ignition key to the first position, then releasing and pressing and holding the button again. But there IS no ignition key in the recent BMWs..

The answer turned out to be a bit more easily guessed (after a bit of trial and error). When you start the engine, the oil service warning shows on the dashboard, at which point you just press the BC button on the end of the indicator stalk (which is how you access most of the diagnostics anyway). The word “reset” appears, and another click and hold on the BC button makes it show “resetting” (and a little clock icon so you know it’s busy). And that’s it.

Put away the paperclip.

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  1. One more thing – the brake service indicator seems to behave slightly differently..

    For that one, you need to put the key in the ignition, and press the start button (without your foot on the brake pedal), and then wait for the service indicator light to go out again before holding down the trip counter reset button for about 5 secs. That should take you into the list of service items, which you can scroll through with the up/down on the BC stalk. Once it’s showing the service indicator that you want to reset, you press the BC button to get the “RESET?” prompt, and then press and hold the BC button again.

  2. hey ther m a DIY type of a guy, i jst changed my rear brake pads and they did not have a sensor thats how i recieved them, since they are no BMW original. i used the old sensor and i reserted manualy. Now my problem the red suspended car stil apears. my rear beak pad dont hav kilos it shows ———. pls pls help.

  3. Hi Experts, What type of engine oil you used for the 2006 320i. Please share your experience. thanks.

  4. Car was serviced including oil changed and light reseted But after one minute the red oil light keeps coming back and we reset it again it shows 25000 for next service and a minute after the red oil light comes back again shoeing 0. Please assist, this is for BMW E90 325i 2008 model.

  5. I just changed my rear brake pads yesterday before I changed it,it was 1800 kilos shows on the screen,but now it still write 1800 kilos,so I want how to reset it,BMW 320i R90

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