Why two machines are still essential for web development (hint: stupid IE6)

Here’s a modern web development setup:

The machine on the left runs:

a web server, multiple databases, Eclipse IDE, Sublime Text 2, test suites, source code control, Chrome, Firefox, terminal sessions, Skype, IRC, Spotify..

The machine on the right runs:



..because IE6 just WILL NOT DIE, EVER.

And every time you release some web software (assuming you want it to be used within one of the ¬†benighted organisations that still use IE6 – local government, big-but-slow companies who are paralysed by fear and cost) you’ll have to test every bit of every page all over again JUST ON IE6.

AND – the rest of us are all paying for it, in wasted development effort, longer development timescales, increased bug-fix cycles, and lost hair.

Rant ends.



  1. Andrew Bate

    Or one machine with multiple VMs on it… Sadly, on my Mac I have to have 4 Windows VMs – XP/IE6, XP/IE7, XP/IE8, Win7/IE9… Oh the joy I feel when IE10 will need Win8 (!)

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